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After 5 minutes, we tell them to stop and if they want to get acquainted they show thumbs up or if not thumbs down. After that, we rotate until all pairs have met. In the end they take of their blindfolds and if they want to know who they paired up with they can ask the organizers. We do not publicly announce the pairs because that might also feel uncomfortable.

ExchangeAbility: Blind Speed Dating

How did your event go?: The event itself was successful, even though one male would have been needed to make the pairs even. So one girl had to sit down every now and again but the hosts kept the person company to note: We asked from some of the girls sitting down that how did they feel about the event and they said it was interesting because of the fact that the words become the main focus and it was good but also challenging.

In the end we saw a couple leaving together for sightseeing so we consider this a huge success. Number of international students: Number of "locals" involved: Number of ESNers involved: Persons with disabilities joining the event: We writers really do appreciate and love entering these awesome pitch-to-agents contests. Do you know when you will close the submission window, or is that a secret? That's up to you.

Blind Speed Dating

If you think the agents will be interested, go for it. I'm not sure what most agent's stance is on this. I would mention it for sure though. Hi, when will you know if you'll be adding more agents? Will you post them before the midnight submission deadline tonight? I haven't heard back affirmative from any others at this point but it's hard to say.

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Sometimes they don't get to my invite until late and jump in at the last minute. I entered before I saw that it closed yesterday. Hope it's still okay. Great article, I love visiting in this blog. This made me realize a lot.

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  • Cupid's Literary Connection: Blind Speed Dating Contest - All the Everything!.
  • Cupid's Blind Date Speed Dating Services.

Many people who read this know a lot about it. And who would like to know this, hurry to read it here. Pages Home Successful Cupid Connections!! Get your entries in! All the information on the Blind Speed Dating contest is finally here! So, what is the Blind Speed Dating Contest? And there's even Bouncers! Blind Speed Dating Basics: When the submission window opens, entries will be emailed to me at cupidslitconnection at yahoo dot com. They will choose which entries make it into the agent round a max of 40 and those entrants will be emailed on February 12th. Then it gets really exciting!

This is how Blind Speed Dating is played The agents will go undercover as Honorary Cupids.

Blind(folded) Dates Play Truth or Drink - Truth or Drink - Cut

They will each have an undercover name which they will use during the contest the 17thth. Not even the agents will know who's who with the undercover names. Then the agents go through the contest armed with arrows.

They will each receive a total of 12 arrows. That's 2 more than last year. BUT not all at once. They start with 4 arrows on Monday. Then 4 more on Tuesday. Then 2 on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday. Each entry can only have 2 partial requests! And f ulls are worth 3 arrows. Using a full steals any partials made on that entry and trumps their own partial, too.

BUT here's the thing Fulls cannot be made until the last day, which is Thursday! On Friday everyone is revealed except me: Please make sure you send your material to all interested agents! So, now you want to know about ….

Please click on each agent's links to check out their info and interests Victoria Lowes The Bent Agency. Laura Bradford Bradford Literary Agency. Andrea Somberg Harvey Klinger, Inc. Pamela Harty The Knight Agency. Olga Filina The Rights Factory. Excited to have them all as Honorary Cupids! Now you're wondering …. Good news is I am not limiting the number of entries I will accept and will be open for a few days.

If you want a chance, you got it. I doubt we will get too many and we have lots of Bouncers ready to read. But get yours in ASAP so it can be confirmed. Entries will be emailed to cupidslitconnection at yahoo dot com. Your entry is not official until the fee is paid. Please do so by using the Paypal Donate button on the top right hand corner of this blog. It's pretty easy, but if you need assistance, please let me know. When you submit your entry please make it very simple: I want it email style. One space between paragraphs.

This is my biggest enemy! Just the meat of your material.

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No "Dear so and so" or "I chose you because You may add your applicable credentials at the END of your query. Your entry will be like this: Genre of your book. Your query formatted correctly. Your first formatted correctly. Makes me very happy! Things should be open for everyone this year and simple. There will probably be some pros and cons to doing this this way as opposed to last year. We'll just roll with it. And please keep these important dates in mind:

cupid blind speed dating Cupid blind speed dating
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cupid blind speed dating Cupid blind speed dating
cupid blind speed dating Cupid blind speed dating
cupid blind speed dating Cupid blind speed dating
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