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And a couple summers ago, my brother-in-law gifted us a HUGE collection of them. Which we gladly accepted. But what is a race car with no where to race? Now that we have all these super cool cars to play with, I was itching for some fun play road time. This DIY is the perfect way to combine the two. When my kids feel like they are in control of play time it tends to lead to longer and more engaged play, which means I can cook dinner without tripping over little boys in my kitchen.

Between their imaginations and this DIY toy car road, they should be happy for quite a while. Life with kids is great, but play time can get rough and tough. Not much room to play? Only get out a few track pieces out for a compact track. Or go all out and try to use all the pieces! A year later, ours is still in pretty good shape, all things considered. But, it definitely has some wear and tear on it. It takes slightly longer to create, but the pieces will hold up better — and just toss them in the washer if they need a quick cleaning.

But, I still have responsibilities and obligations I have to meet. When the boredom monster rears his ugly head and chaos ensues, my kids are directed to this list of activities. Having a list already made up saves my skin and sanity.

10 Sweet and Sexy Summer Date Night Ideas You’ll Love

So, now they have over They need to be bored in order to figure out what to do about it. But, also, they should help plan family activities. Planning is part of being in a family, and life in general. Learning life skills like problem-solving, planning, thinking ahead, preparing for an activity or event, and figuring out what to do with their time are all good things! All you have to do is enter your info in the box below to unlock the premium printable and get immediate access.

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Enter your details below to get free and instant access to our premium content: Let the kids help plan the activities and carry them out. Ready for a great summer?

Are you ready for summer? We still have 3 weeks of school left here. Which means I have 3 more weeks to come up with a game plan to keep my kids from fighting all summer long. My boys have kicked their sibling rivalry into high gear lately and the idea of being with all of them all of the time for 8 weeks makes my eye twitch a little. In order to keep the peace — and my sanity — I plan to have a few activities that I can turn to when things get a little too crazy.

These summer printables are perfect because they mean less work for me. Sure, I could design similar ones myself, but time is worth something to me. When all I have to do is print them out, some minor prep work and they are ready and waiting for when I need them most, I am willing to spend a few dollars.

These are all printables offered by The Dating Divas so you know the quality is awesome, the designs are gorgeous and I love that I can save them on my computer and use them again and again. There are a huge variety of printables that will fit into just about every kind of summer plans you can imagine.

Find the set — or sets — that best suit your family and make it a great summer! Make this summer a summer of memories! Ready to check these out?

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This Summer Boredom Busters Pack has activity cards to keep that boredom monster at bay! Have a lemonade stand, do some random acts of kindness, or write letters to family and friends. Reading trackers, summer schedules, calendars, chore chart bingo and road trip games are some of the other great activities included in this pack. This was included in the Summer Printable Bundle and I am super excited to use it when we hit the road this summer. The Road Trip Adventure pack includes something for everyone in the car — yep, even the grown-ups!

A new activity every hour will get you there before you know it. Officially invite your family to your special family time with some fun invitations.

Recovered from the age-old pilgrimage of Driving Home For Queermas yet?

Activity ideas to help you make sure it feels like vacation, instead of being stuck at home will come in handy if you need some help coming up with ideas to keep everyone happy and entertained. If you just need something to do for an evening, the Babysitter in a Bag ideas are perfect. Your kids will get to explore the kitchen while they learn and play!

I am going to save this one for an afternoon and do it with my kids! Everyone will enjoy the best parts of camping and they will still sleep like little babies in their own beds with this Camping Adventure pack. In fact, see who can plan the best FREE date night!

Nerf Wars - Add spunk to your marriage. Grab a Nerf gun, go to your nearest park, set up your boundaries and get ready for the battle of your marriage! Romantic nights in the bedroom don't cost a thing, but these ideas will only make your experience unforgettable! Bonding with your spouse just went to another level! Spin the Bottle - Spin the bottle for a sexy surprise.

This isn't the game you played as a teen, this is your very own grown-up married version! Make Out Session - A steamy make out session costs absolutely nothing and is sure to please your spouse! Sometimes it is fun to mix it up a bit!

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Steamy Bucket List - List your most longed-for desires and then get busy making those dreams come true! Everything you need to create your own steamy bucket list. Cuddle Kit for 2 - Everything you need to enjoy a night in and cuddle up next to your honey. Gather supplies from around the home to complete your own kit! Spa Night - This date is all about relaxation with your spouse. Enjoy great tips on how to pamper, be pampered and have a great time on a date with your spouse! Starlight Starbright - Stake out a secluded place for some stargazing. Enjoy an evening under the stars with your spouse.

It won't cost you a thing! Je T'iame Hotel - The price tag of Paris is far from free, but this date night is! We have lots of free printables and ideas to convert your own bedroom into a Paris-themed hotel. Love Shack - Convert your bedroom into your own private love shack! Everything you need for this date night can be found around the house at no cost to you!

Romantic Rooftop - Do something different by taking your spouse to the top of your roof for a meal that is both special and romantic. Simon Says - This is no child's play! Simon Says is now a sensual and sexy game for you and your spouse. Simon says - check this date night out!


I am that confident you and spouse will have a blast with our twist on the game of Truth or Dare. Deal or No Deal - You might not win the million dollar prize, but you WILL definitely win over your spouse's heart with this fun and sexy twist on a popular t. Nothing is as free as a sunrise and sunset! There you have it! Without spending one penny, you can now have many memorable date nights!

If you are really looking for tips to save money in your marriage check out our post: Tips and Tricks to Survive Marriage with Money! Looking for a great date idea that gets you out of the house but isn't dinner and a movie?!

dating divas road trip Dating divas road trip
dating divas road trip Dating divas road trip
dating divas road trip Dating divas road trip
dating divas road trip Dating divas road trip
dating divas road trip Dating divas road trip

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