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From your submission, it seems like you've got a good grasp on the general pros and cons. When deciding if this dating method is right for you, however, it's important to think about your intentions, especially since it sounds like you're not percent comfortable playing the field. The show nobly taught us you need to be there for the "right reasons.

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Before your next date, ask yourself why you're going. Your answer will tell you a lot. According to her, multi-dating is the "new normal" in a world brimming with dating apps and, consequently, romantic prospects. So chances are, the multiple people you're dating are dating multiple people, too. While you're immersed in this dating scene, you don't need to explain your situation unless asked. If the exclusivity conversation arises, that's when you should clearly communicate your dating wants and needs, as not everyone may be comfortable with a non-exclusive situation. After all, everyone has different emotional capabilities due to timing, location, and other personal reasons.

Being open about your relationship status will give your partner the information they need — and deserve — to decide whether or not they want to keep dating you on transparent and agreed-upon terms. I want to hear more about your insights on this site which gives out expert advice for women. Your comment is highly appreciated. I think there are a lot of people wandering around, unsure and clueless about what they want.

Most people go with the flow of what they know…which is the same old merry go round. I agree that for just a couple of dates, that having options would be OK, but keeping those options open long term would be cheating everyone including myself of developing a real relationship with anyone. And I think it would also mess up the dynamic that you actually have with men, if you continually date more than one. One is clearly showing assclown behavior and the other treats me great. It would seem that the clear choice is the one who has been treating me great for so many months.

So I dump the assclown, in favor of the great guy.

He wants to date one woman at a time

Only now, several months into the relationship have I become committed to seeing where it can go. Because I was emotionally unavailable to him for all those months, while he was treating me great. This could be just one example of why multiple dating may not work. None of the behaviors would be based on having a real relationship. I want to be a success with being happy just being my own authentic self. I wanted an authentic relationship with my ex, but it was not to be. I tried to do it his way and switch just to friends after he dumped me and that was not an authentic friendship either.

I am glad I have cut myself loose.

Do you have feelings for more than one person?

No more worrying about how I am going to get what I want out of this situation or how to get out of it. Success is moving on and seeing that the past is the past and one should not have to play games to get love. Success to me means getting beyond my breakup and all the lame games it entailed and moving to a place where having a relationship no longer is a worry for me because I am learning to be happier on my own and love myself.

Absolutely love what you say here. Thank you for these thoughts. What a great way to think about it. How do we define success?

Love, Lindsay Explains If Dating Multiple People Is Harmful Or Not

It is hard but the key really is loving yourself first and foremost. When you do, you start to see the half-measures and crumbs as not worth your time.

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This is really interesting because in the United States in general , multiple dating is encouraged as a way of getting to know different people, finding out what one likes, keeping options open, etc. Never thought of multiple dating in this way before. If dating is getting to know another person so we can evaluate their potential for a romantic relationship, why should we limit ourselves to getting to know only one person at a time?

In essence, we should, without knowing much about a person, immediately choose one lest we be considered emotionally unavailable or commitmentphobes. What if we were to make friends using this same philosophy? Would you tell them you could not befriend them because you already had one friend?

That would be absurd. In order to date several people we must be living an authentic life. We must be living our values. We have to be clear about our dating goals and communicate those goals with our dates.

This can help if:

As we get to know these people we must evaluate their qualities before deciding to continue dating. When we run up against a deal breaker, we stop dating that person. As some prefer to date only one person at a time, do not place judgment on others for multiple dating. By being upfront and honest with those that we are dating, multiple dating can actually screen for a jealousy, possessiveness and other red flags.

Yes, I have had it go badly when telling a man that I was dating other people. We had been on two dates in the last month. He asked me out for a time I had already committed to another date. I told him that I had a date that night and suggested another time. He was caught off guard by my truthfulness, said he had never dated more than one person at a time, and set our date for a different time. He then proceeded to make our third and final date quite terrible.

He was rude, disrespectful, thoughtless. I called him out on his poor behavior. We argued; it came out he was jealous. I received all forms of apologies for his behavior the next day. Yet it saved me from going any further down the road into a relationship with him. My former very painful relationships with assclowns and EUMs have broken me. I dumped my last assclown almost 7 months ago, after 4 years of torture. Right now just the thought of having a relationship makes me recoil, with memories of various kinds of abuse too fresh — as soon as a seemingly normal, single man shows interest I find all kinds of things wrong with him, and I bolt. I dearly hope to get past this infantile phase one day and be able to have a real relationship. But for now I am reveling in dysfunctionality. Has anyone else acted out this way and gotten past it? I just feel that I have no emotional bandwidth to have a real relationship. But I can say that I simply recognised that dating people and acting out which is what I was doing was more tiring and anger-fuelling than cathartic.

I made a decision to stop.

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