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Posted 01 June - I became convinced of this when I saw a radio interview featuring exo. The members were asked to pick between Apink's cute concept or Girls Day sexy concept, and all of the members chose the cute concept except for D. In that moment everyone became kind of flustered at D.

O's answer and when the host asked him "why choose that concept" he got all weird and all the exo members were laughing.

[ENGSUB] Hyeri Reveals Minah's Dating Past - Girls Day 1st Concert Fan Q&A BTS (Part 1) The Show

He answered that he likes the "sexy concept" more but did so in an awkward way. Also Minha picking D. O as her ideal type is suspicious, since D. But his younger fans would tear her apart. I was wrong tho other members also chose Girls day after he raised his hand, but he was so obviously weird abt it. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. I am convinced Minah and D. O are dating Started by Deleted Account , Jun 01 I don't see how they'll top these I think she's not. Makes me wonder if that's what Hyeri did.

If so, good on her! Either way, screw the netizens who think they're not at the same level. They look cute together and if they're happy, stay the fuck out. It's a difficult situation for them. I don't think it's all that weird. Son Heung Min is a top footballer in Korea and he spend most of his time overseas so of course they would be all over him when he's actually in the country.

No, he declined to join the Olympic team in in order to focus on his club development in Germany. So he doesn't have military exemption.

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Why are they treating like hes js park? How are they mediplaying?

EXO’s D.O Talks About How He Wishes He Could Date

All I have seen from Dream T's end was that they initially released conflicting reports, so they asked Minah hence that quote above what happened and then they released an official statement based on that while apologizing for the confusion. I had to use urban dictionary to find out what iirc meant. I feel old as hell. A really level-headed comment. I almost believed almost all the knetizens are jealous shallow bitches that think about love only as something they would use for the sake of not having to work and living in luxury for the rest of their lives, like the last one lol how can those ppl live with that mindset tho.

Is there really anything to consider? They only went on two dates so why would she even consider going public with that news? Kinda confusing, first her agency said yes then Minah said no then yes again.

[RUMOR] Idol Couple & Womanizer Idol - Page 6 - Celebrity News & Gossip - OneHallyu

Good luck to them though. This sure is media play to me. I never like how their company promotes them like they are money hungry girls. Be careful or u migght end up like tara too lol. Cmon its only two weeks. Its either bayern munich or dortmund who wins the league every year.

There is a reason for that. Son Heung Min is one of the, if not the most famous up and coming soccer stars out of Korea. His public recognition and status goes far beyond an idol. He was considered the main reason why Korea was able to get as far as they did in '14 World Cup or else they'd be the 2nd worst team in the whole competition. And now they're talking to the public and doing the same thing again with him. The reaction will not be favorable obviously. Dream T should have waited to confirm the relationship.

Two weeks is still too early, and now that they went pubic, there's going to be even more pressure on them, which may lead to break up. I have to be honest; I literally laughed out loud when I saw that they've only been going out two weeks. The reporters couldn't have waited a little longer?

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Agree son heung min is a world class player,check it on youtube and you know why. The easiest way is to look at Naver homepage ent section and Naver Starcast home which Girl's Day is now first since D-1 before the scandal broke out. They were 3rd behind Sistar and Infinite before. Note that this means they paid more money. Her company seem too eager to public this dating news. I don't really know how that proves it nor do I understand how naver really works so I'm just going to leave that alone. Its only day 2 of the scandal, if they're really media playing I think we'll find out for sure in a few days if the same story is being circulated.

They should said they are just friends or something!! Deny until the end, learn from SM!! I don't think that's an issue. It's more of Minah and the company trying to keep this dating scandal up even though people are trying to move on. They could have admitted to it and stay quiet but they continued to talk about it which made people think they are using him to get Girls' Day out there to the public.

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I'm not saying Girls' Day isn't good enough but they should have laid low after admitting like other couples. Oh please so what's wrong about Minah using him for publicity? It's the entertainment industry, most of the time it works like that. He's a grown man, he doesn't need netizens to protect him from what though, from amazing sex, and good time spent laughing with a pretty, young lady?

Stop trying to be the evil step mom, we have enough of that in Kdramas. It was only their second date though, and he's going abroad, they could very well break up.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Falls Victim to Leeteuk and Minah’s Dating Prank

I think the news broke way too soon lol. Regardless of the fact that they've only been on two dates in the span of two weeks that's a relationship???? They're both in highly public, highly demanding jobs that I seriously doubt either is going to leave. I give it a few months. I mean I thought it as odd that he would sexually harass a loved idol in front of an audience Common law rights arise from actual use of a mark and may allow a unregistred user to successfully challenge a later registration.

Things can get hairy if the mark turn out to be not as original as first thought of as the "copyright" of brand names is not retroactive. Theoretically the old cup cake group could challenge a challenge a registration, block a pending application, filling a trademark application them self, selling reasonable priced red velvet stuff, etc. I'm not hating on GsD directly, but their company definitely takes something and runs with it. They only went on two dates too. It's a nuisance that Shinhwa would have to pay anyone to use their own name, a name they've been promoting with for a while too.

After reading the comments about him and the ex it makes me think that they could've broken because he was cheating on her with Minah. I really miss the 's kpop world. I understand where you come from but your view on rape accusations is fucked up. You should always believe people who say they've been raped, no exceptions. The number of cases of false rape claims is so insignificant compared to the number of actual rape victims who don't press charges and the ones who do. Of course there's a small risk that the person accused is actually innocent, and it could lead to a witchhunt, which could in turn ruin an innocent person's life.

But not believing the victims can ruin their lives too, and it's just as bad, if not worse, knowing that most of them don't tell anyone about it because of shame, guilt, and the fear that people will not believe them and considering what you are saying in your comment, you are part of the problem. Your odds of ruining someone's life are considerably smaller by believing a victim than by waiting until their claim is "proven correct" which is often really difficult to do to believe them.

I'm seriously annoyed to see comment like yours getting upvotes What are you talking about? Obviously, they are first now because people are interested in this story. It doesn't mean mediaplay. Just because some haters claim mediaplay doesn't mean it's true. I agree with you!! The company could denied and tell Minah to stay quiet. They don't need this, they're doing well! Only two dates and already confirmed??? This is so stupid or smart depending on the aftermath! Of course, it's going to be a hot topic, especially considering who is involved. And always remember that idol groups have haters.

In this case, that includes a lot of jealous haters. I don't know whether people actually understand what 'mediaplay' is supposed to be, or they are clueless about how news reports work. She was touched but it was very much accidental.

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