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For the dynamically programming of the UI elements, we have many classes and methods that help us as application developer to dynamically modify a view. The WD component structure and the context node are presented.

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We can almost use the same example as for our first exercise. The view layout is presented. The text parameter helps us to set the label text. To embedding the UI elements into the layout, we need to specify the arrangement of these elements. For this, we have used the FlowLayout layout:.

After this,we create an InputField UI element:. Until now, we have seen how we can create a data binding at the design time.

This UI element has an event associated. For a linkToAction UI element, we can define a hypertext link or we can use an image instead a text.


How To Use Inbound And Outbound Plugs In SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Programs

When the user presses the linkToAction UI element, the Framework triggers the event handler method onactionnext Listing. We use the state parameter to dynamically set the property with the same name of the InputField UI element. We can use this method to perform our own validation before an action is triggered. TheView layout is presented.

When the user presses the Save button, the Web Dynpro Framework firstly checks,by using the wdDoBeforeAction Hook method, if all the required fields are filled. We can use this method to provide hierarchical context menus in web Dynpro Views. In our first example, we have already seen the default context menu displayed by the Web Dynpro Framework when the user presses right-click on an UI element. To exemplify how we can use this method to dynamically create context menus, we use the example from the wdDoBeforeAction Hook method.

In this case,we offer to the user the possibility to personalize the field he wants to be mandatory.

Window Controller Hook Methods – JSSTech

He will be able to choose between his first name as mandatory field and his last name as mandatory field. When he chooses the first name as mandatory,we will mark the corresponding field with a red star, and when he chooses the last name, we will mark the corresponding field with a red star. In the default mode, the first name is set as mandatory. To create this example, we have to perform some modifications into the last application. In this case,we have to set dynamic the state properties of the two inputField UI elements,corresponding to first name and last name.

In this way, at design time, the two inputField UI elements are not marked as mandatory,anyway. To set in the default mode the first name as mandatory,we use the wdDoInit Hook method we have just learnt about. To offer to the end user the capability to dynamically choose what value he wants to be mandatory from the two optional values, we have to code the wd Do On-ContextMenu Hook method.

We need the two menu options to offer to the user the possibility to choose between options: With the second data statement, we create two local variables required to read from the context attributes the status properties corresponding to the two input-Fields UI elements firstname, lastname and a local reference required to access our context node. Fromthe parameters of this class,we have used:.

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The local variables used to pass the values of the two attributes firstname and lastname are of the same type as the attributes: Properties, we will study about these two methods; events. Wells limbs cool their huts and if a phase model for parents!

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hook up methods in webdynpro Hook up methods in webdynpro
hook up methods in webdynpro Hook up methods in webdynpro
hook up methods in webdynpro Hook up methods in webdynpro
hook up methods in webdynpro Hook up methods in webdynpro
hook up methods in webdynpro Hook up methods in webdynpro

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