I do not hook up m4a

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Hi, My laptop music is an absolute mess, I have 12, tracks many duplicates due to bad copying from one folder to another , a random mixture of mp3s and mp4s I decided after using iTunes for 3 years that I was going to import my music collection as mp3s rather than mp4s spread across 2 drives on my dual core laptop. I have purchased a g external hard drive as I want to keep my music in one location and try and tidy it up for use on Traktor by having it all in one format, ID3 tagged, in one folder and without duplicate copies.

Would the following plan of action be the easiest way, or is there a less long-winded approach? Also, what is the easiest way to locate all mp3 duplicates?

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Is there a recommended piece of software ideally freeware! Adrian Luvdup , Aug 13, Rather re-rip from original source to MP3. B iTunes has a "show duplicates" function, how useful that is I cannot say. AudioRapture , Aug 13, The problem is it would take weeks and weeks to burn all the cds again, whereas if I use a program, I can leave it running while I go to work. I agree about the deterioration in audio quality, but as a quick solution I think it is the only option. Once it is completed, I can then slowly replace the tracks with newly imported from source better quality versions as and when I can.

This however, would probably take months as this is a collection it has taken me 5 years to import! I'm 40 in three weeks and don't have that much time! As for iTunes "show duplicates" , I think this only shows the duplicates in your iTunes library, not actually what's spread across my drives, and even then you have to individually highlight the tracks you want to delete, which would take hours and hours and hours of labour!

Does Traktor have no problem reading mp4s non-protected of course?

If so, I could just concentrate on getting them into one folder and deleting all thew duplicates for now? I still need an easy-as-possible way to do that though! Another quick question linked to this- I really don't understand id3 tags, I'm afraid. All my tracks look and play great in iTunes and on my iPod.


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All the relevant info in the right places - artist, album, track etc. But when they are imported to Traktor it tells me that the tags can't be read and it must be a corrupted file or unsupported format for a large number of tracks that look and play fine in iTunes. These files have all been imported off cd and vinyl by me, so they are unprotected formats and shouldn'r be corrupt - admittedly they're a mix of mp3 and mp4 but Traktor should read both shouldn't it?

So what am I doing wrong?

I have selected my entire collection and used iTunes to convert id3 tags to version 2. I'm sure it must be the tags that are the problem as the tracks play fine on iTunes but I just don't know what to do.

That's why I'm trying to get my music collection all into one folder and one format so i can try and sort this out. Thanks for the suggestion Ian. I think you are right in that the tracks DO end in the mp4 file name — do you really think this is what is making Traktor reject them? Thanks again for replying to my thread. Adrian Luvdup , Aug 14, I really appreciate your help and will let you know how it goes. AudioRapture , Aug 14, Using Third Party Software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from booting properly.

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Sorry this didn't help. Windows Media Player certainly does support M4A - but some compression schemes do not work. I don't know if the information in http: It's on the first page at the end. Once I did that, I could add all of my media to the library with no problem. They're all in the Music folder with the proper tags. Tell us about your experience with our site. Maciba Created on June 8, How do I stop this unwanted and most annoying conversion?

General question about mp4 to mp3 converting and getting rid of duplicate mp3s

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I do not hook up m4a

Maciba Replied on June 9, Hi, My device is a galaxy nexus. What happens is that media player converts my m4a files to wma during the process. The problem is my device does not support wma. It will transfer mp3 without converting but seems to dislike m4a Anti Apple conspiracy thoughts enter my head!!!

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