Is dating a 4th cousin bad


Some people probably marry distant cousins and relatives without even knowing it, there's nothing wrong with dating your 4th cousin. I see no problem with it, but people are stupid and seem to blow things out of proportion. The only way people will know is if you tell em, so keep that fact to yourself.

I think it's okay only because I think we're all fourth or tenth cousins anyway. I don't think it's bad, wrong or shameful. Go out and have a nice time. Related Questions Is it ok to date a fourth cousin? Is it ok to date your fourth cousin?

Is It Wrong To Date Your 4th Cousin?

Is it ok to date my fourth cousin? Is it ok to date your third or fourth cousin? Is it wrong to date a fourth cousin? Answer Questions My 15 year old son stills throws temper tantrums like a two year old, at home and in school, acts like a toddler, what's wrong with him? What are the chances of being pregnant? How do teens that run away get jobs? Help, i m extremely upset and are my parents correct?

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My 16 year old son got expelled from school today? Have you ever see anyone naked by accident or on purpose? And has anyone seen you naked by accident or on purpose? Parents are super strict? What too do when you got your phone taken away? I am getting called bad names by these boys and i don't know if they like me or not? Since the colonial days you are probably related to everyone you know.

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You can't escape it! Your relatives are all over the country.

Genealogy is a wonderful thing. Do some research on yours. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Morally, it is probably wrong as there is some sort of family connection involved which is a dangerous path to follow in all cases. This is especially true if the relationship results in marriage and the couple decide to bear children - potentially opening up an array of problems bullying, psychological issues etc.

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The parents have to take some sort of accountability regarding this situation. You need to assess if family is important to you, how connected you are to your family and if you are close. If you have close family ties with cousins and other less immediate relations then this will no doubt cause disputes and feuds. If the parents of your cousin are sensible enough, they should have reservations about letting their son or daughter date in this way - especially if it was somebody known to be a relative.

There is the potential that this could also lead to all kinds of genetic problems should you decide to have children - not to mention possibly being illegal in some US states. In a hypothetical situation, if the cousins did not know each other beforehand then this could present a difficult situation to assess in terms of 'right or wrong'. There are many examples of such situations including a famous story of fraternal twins, a male and female, who were each adopted separately and subsequently met and married.

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Is it ok to date a fourth cousin?

They had no idea they were twins until they went for fertility counselling. I'm going to have to agree with my Mother on this one. It probably is alright as long as it's accepted by your family. If not, you're both in for a world of hurt. You will have to deal with other family members whispering, friends doing the same and family awkwardness at holiday gatherings and such. It won't be an easy relationship. I like my 4th cousin too and I was crushed when my mom told me.

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But I still like him anyway and he likes me so how knows maybe we will get together or maybe I'll find someone my age. I'm having the same problem as you.

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The genetics are on your side. Well if the bible was really true, Adam and eve were related. They had children and their children had children with each other and so fourth.

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Every single person on this earth is related. From a scientific point of view, DNA reveals it too. I just recently found out that the man I am madly in love with is either my 4th or 5th cousin once removed. Yes, it freaked me out and I too was completely unsure of whether I should be with him anymore or not.

Actually, that is why I googled the question and it brought me here. Seeing everyone else's responses and answers really makes me feel better.

is dating a 4th cousin bad Is dating a 4th cousin bad
is dating a 4th cousin bad Is dating a 4th cousin bad
is dating a 4th cousin bad Is dating a 4th cousin bad
is dating a 4th cousin bad Is dating a 4th cousin bad
is dating a 4th cousin bad Is dating a 4th cousin bad
is dating a 4th cousin bad Is dating a 4th cousin bad

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