Manual choke hook up

I need to wire an electric choke on my carburetor. Where can I pick up a feed to do this?

A properly operating electric choke will definitely make your life easier. The first step in the conversion is to remove the manual choke plate which comes off by removing these three screws. Behind the choke plate you will find backing plate which controls the choke rod, as you can see here.

Hand Choke installation (on my chevy truck)

When you remove the pin, set it aside because it will be reused. The fast idle lever assembly is held on with this screw. Remove the screw and the assembly, but save the screw, the wire spring and the smaller of the two levers for reuse.

Tech: Install An Electric Choke On Your Manual Carb

Keep the stuff on the right. Ditch the big lever on the left. The last piece to be removed is the small gasket which you can see in this photo. Make sure the surface where it attached to the carburetor is clean and the air passage it covered is clear. You can blow compressed air through it, and the air should exit out the bottom of the carburetor. The kit will include a new gasket with a hole it it to allow air through.

Ours had an adhesive backing. Install it in place of the old, solid gasket.

Reinstall the fast idle lever assembly using the new large lever from the kit and the parts you saved previously. Here, you see how the choke rod assembles to the new choke housing. Once it is in place, use the retaining pin you saved from disassembly to secure it.

Tech: Install An Electric Choke On Your Manual Carb

The choke housing is secured to the carburetor at the same three attachment points used for the manual choke plate. Our kit included new fasteners. With the gasket on the choke housing, install the electric choke cap. Notice the metal tab sticking out from the housing. This must fit into the loop on the wound spring in the choke cap. It should open and close the choke plate. What did you have for a choke hookup before? It took some welding and fabrication, got it to work, but choke operation in the cab was backwards.

At the time I couldn't find the proper kit that wasn't too expensive. It didn't have a choke when I bought it, it was summer so I didn't care but I need it now! Do I need to adjust the fast idle screw when it's choked? Originally Posted by donut. The kits are available from any auto parts store, and come with a replacement choke cover which has a lever which hooks to the choke valve tab inside.

Fitting a choke conversion kit

The lever hooks to the manual cable. There is no welding or additional fabrication required. Yeah, I forgot about those odd chokes - I thought all of the Qjets had bakelite hot air covers or electric bakelite covers. I think my Impala had one of those thermostats bolted to the top of the intake with a link to the choke valve - totally junk, IMO - caused me to slip and slide a lot on the ice when the choke would not release and revved the engine too much.

I am guessing there must be a kit for those also - just some way to attach the end of the cable to the choke valve and secure it at the point of attachment.

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They're made though hard to find , I went looking a couple years ago. But IIRC, it was like 60 bucks, hence the fabrication and backwards operation. The OP mentioned mid '70's qjet, that's why I asked for a pic. I don't know what year GM went to electric chokes, but my '73 had one, as well as my '75 divorced choke. I think I've run into more of these than the later styles. Not sure what the difference is between a "divorced choke" and a "hot air choke", I know what a electric choke is.

I guess I don't have either one, on the passenger side of intake there's a flat pad with 2 small bolt holes directly next to the carb, is that for the divorced choke? If it is I don't see how bolting a small heat coil to it would do much?

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Originally Posted by sweet pea. A small cast bracket with a choke coil inside mounts there. A link goes from that bracket hooking through the loop on the end of the coil to the carburetor to hook on the choke valve shaft protruding out the side of the carburetor via another link. You supposedly adjust the choke by bending the link going to the carburetor to make the link shorter or longer and thereby make the travel of the choke shaft and choke valve more open or closed.

These are junk just like the other chokes. Is your choke valve all the way open when your engine is warm? Here's a thread with some pics of a relatively unmolested divorced choke. I personally like the divorced choke. Sub-zero temps and they still work. With the man choke, to many times I've driven off with it partially closed. Yeah, it's wide open when warmed up. My problem with all automatic chokes in cold weather is that they stay on too long in very cold weather. If you are driving on icy roads the engine is racing and you cannot take off from a stop sign on icy roads without spinning the rear wheels.

So, I have had the opposite problem. You can control the amount of choke with a manual choke, not possible with an automatic choke, unless your manual choke is not functioning properly, so apply graphite or lithium grease to the cable. If your choke is wide open after engine warm up and you have no problem starting, then you don't have a choke problem.

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manual choke hook up Manual choke hook up
manual choke hook up Manual choke hook up
manual choke hook up Manual choke hook up
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