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Write a simple profile about yourself and what you enjoy doing and add your best photo. Get a fe profile writing tips here.

Use our easy search tools to find other singles in their 70's as near or as far from you as you like. Send and recieve messages to and from other members that grab your attention, go on, don't be shy. Our members benefit from the following: Are you looking for a deep meaningful relationship, or perhaps just companionship?

Once you really know what it is it that you're looking for, you can more easily find somebody with the same goals. Dating is a fun and exciting thing to do. We get a real buzz from meeting new people and talking about the things we love and also talk about things we may well not discuss with other people we know.

It can be easy getting a date stuck in interview mode, where you find yourself asking question after question after question. If that happens, crack a joke, or if you have a few funny photo's on your phone, whip them out. Young people these days seem to fall in and out of relationships like there's no tomorrow. The old saying "You've made your bed, now lie in it" simply doesn't hold true anymore. What is the rush?

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It takes time and quite often some level of compromise to forge a long lasting relationship. Maybe young people jump in and out of so many relationships to upholster their ego's, to add another notch to the bed post, or maybe pier pressure and social anxiety are to blame, pushing them towards that next buzz.

Over 60 dating couldn't be more different. When we reach our sixties, most of us have children and even grandchildren. Our friendships are long standing. Our social standing may be less important to us now than it was when we were younger. We really know who we are and that alone helps us feel grounded. Having few to no piers means we are far less pressured to prove who we are, freeing us to just be ourselves and enjoy our lives.

For whatever reason you might be single, the whole point of using a dating website is to get out in the world and meet new people.


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Remember, it is your dating experience and you can take it at whatever pace you like. Nothing says more about you than your photo. Don't worry, we have a few suggestions for your consideration, from country walks, right through to city bus tours Dating in your 60's is probably very different from when you were, let's say; in your 20's. When you were younger, you were probably still getting to know yourself and what you wanted from life Look who's just signed up today But you can meet a great man who is perfect for you.

The rise of 'senior' dating in NZ

You just need to work the dating system It means making sure you're on dating sites that are the right fit for you and while you're at it, turn your friends into Dating Fairy Godmothers who can fix you up. If you like the idea of finding men in real life versus online, you'll want to be in social situations where men 50 years and older congregate and you'll need to know how to get them to approach you when you're interested in them. Here's a great tip Turn back to what you were doing then look back again and smile. You've just signalled him that you're interested.

Believing you'll just know he's the right guy for you when he shows up. Remember when you were a teenage girl with stars in your eyes when it came to boys? Hanging out with the guys was fun.

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You didn't feel the pressure you feel today to find 'the one' on your first interaction together. You spent time enjoying each other's company at school or at work and you laughed and played as you experienced the things you both loved in life. You didn't think twice about putting in the time getting to know each other before deciding Yes, I'd like to spend the rest of my life with this man. Today getting to know men is a different story.

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You go on a coffee date and before the coffee is even finished, you've figured out whether or not he's right for you.

older dating nz Older dating nz
older dating nz Older dating nz
older dating nz Older dating nz
older dating nz Older dating nz
older dating nz Older dating nz

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