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Or is your hand too small for that? When you go to shake hands with someone in a business situation, does their hand almost crush yours? Does their hand seemingly act like a skin-sleeping bag, wrapping your hand warmly and tightly?

Making A Gingerbread House with TINY HANDS (TRAGIC!!) w/ Chris Klemens

When you clap, do you not clap as loudly as other people, due to the fact that the smaller the hands…the lighter the clapping sound becomes? When you pat someone on the back, do they even turn around and notice or just write-off the very light-pat as the shifting of their shirt along their skin? Can you not even cover both eyes fully in a game of hide and go seek because your hands are too small? Do you worry that when you kneel down to pray that God will only answer a certain smaller percentage of your prayers because you have less square footage of clasped-hand praying going on because your hands are too small?

And also — I like that when I eat big ribs or those huge turkey drumsticks on Thanksgiving, that when I hold one of those in my hand the food looks like so much more food than it really is.

Girls, does it matter if a guy has small hands?

The smaller your hands, the more room you have in your pockets, and the more secretive things you can do in your pockets no, not that. Come to think of it, there are probably a thousand reasons why having un-huge hands could be a positive thing. Sometimes, I think, just getting these thoughts out here on the page really makes me feel a whole lot better. In fact, if I was the type of guy to change post titles after they were already posted, I would probably change this one to read: Still, the wires and the hook up part of it all where those sticky electrode things get slapped on your bare chest is fun so it makes everything worth it.

I once dated a girl who had small hands and surprisingly large breasts. What a nice combination that was. So of course, my small man hands fixed the jammed printer. And even funnier is that no one else noticed i had small hands till i started to notice I wonder if the accutane made my hands smaller hahaha.

How to Hold Hands: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Because I hate my boney fingers. I keep coming back to this damn webpage. I think I am in equal measures obsessed with and depressed about having small hands. I have placed a couple of optimistic posts on here, but to be honest, I am pretty gutted about it. Since coming across this page too, I think I have been more concerned about it!! I think they are getting smaller… nah not really, but looking at them all the time now is not helping. I have also begun to convince myself that they are the reason for me not having a girl!!

Ha ha I know I must sound like a bit of an idiot banging on about it, but really it does pee me off. Have to remind myself… things could be a whole lot worse! My grilfriend never noticed i had small hands till i pointed it out and said how insecure i was about them — now we joke about it, and she says how much she loves them.

Small Hands, Big Problem

Thanks for the encouragement Gus, I should go out looking for such a girl, but I feel so damn selfconscious and awkward about myself, and have had so many humiliating experiences in the past that its really difficult for me…. Have you ever ordered at a drive-thru window, then asked for something extra, like ketchup packets? Tom UK- I run and swim about 5 times a week and am fit… and I look after myself….

The tone in my email may make me sound a bit more miserable about it than I am… But yes, worrying about it is indeed a problem I have. I am certainly not put off meeting girls though. I could quite happily meet as many as is humanly possible. I just think that they may be put off me.

However, being more rational about it, I am sure you are right about people not noticing, or at least if they do notice, not caring about it. It is something I have brought up in conversation recently, and noone seems to be all that interested in how little my hands are.

I am a guy only cm 62 inches 43 kilos 95 lbs and I am I am the shortest people in my family. Dad is cm 72 inches and well built ,my brother is 24 and cm 75 inches and he is really massive he lives in the gym!! Mom is cm and has beautiful hands with long fingers 19 cm of length. My sister is 16 and is cm tall yes, I am a lot shorter than my little sister! My hands are really small even for my height, with I have puny bones and so my wrist circumference is only I feel myself like a wimp but this is the reality!

My girlfriend who is cm tall has bigger hands than me too , her hands are 16 cm long: The first time she noticed how puny my hands are she wanted a test of strength and so she shacked my hand so strong that I had to beg her for stop. My ex-girlfriend commented about it after I had been going out with her for a week, but never mentioned it again.

follow url I have always been really concious of them and when i was young hid them, in pockets etc. They are strong enough, but you cant help thinking what is this all about!!. To any youngsters my advice is dont hide them ,you are who you are and any decent women would never think less of you for having small mitts, you will find confidence is the key , great site, jonny. Though I am not never really worry about it, I do wish to make them stronger.

So heres something for you all: Having more muscle around the hand would itself make it look bigger. I reach for them,want to comfort them as much as they comfort me. Looking on this website i can only spot a couple if that with smaller hands. Mine are base to index finger 17cm if i have measured them right. It is however a pain having smaller hands my daughter who is 13 she has larger hands how do you think that makes me feel and she is getting taller by the day and is slightly over taking me in height.

So i now have two disadvantages against my daughter How could god have been so cruel lol lol lol. It is a good job that i can take a joke so Littlejohn met little deb. To all you people with tiny hands lets put them all together and make one big hand lol lol lol. By the way my nickname is shortie bye. I could tell you alot about my problems as i have measured my hands against some kids and my 10 years old son is even getting bigger hands than mine so now i will be having three disadvantages as i feel he may get taller than me also so i will be the shortest in my family and with the smallest hand god help me please lol lol.

Debbie — how can you worry about small hands.. Much better than having huge hands anyway!

I HATE, my small hands. Being able to fit my hands in the dish washing gloves.. As a kid my parents gave me a big ring for when i was older, but sadly it would be LOOSE on my fingers forever! My best friend hates men with feminine features, its the pet peave my friend has. O haha imagine what she thinks of ME!

This is for everyone. Where do you think you got your small hands from. Which family member in particular?

Most Helpful Girl

It lessens the feel you need when participating in those sports. Mens small fit fine around the hand but the fingers are too long. Sometimes a ladies large will work but usually are a little snug around and the fingers are too narrow and long. Funny story, last week at the local motorcycle store an exasperated woman came over to where I was looking for some gore-tex riding gloves.

We were both experiencing the same frustrations but in reverse. She was complaining rather loudly that they never carry womens XL and had come over to see if they had a similar model in mens.

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