Taurus man dating gemini woman

Hold her hand, give shoulder rubs, ointment on her feet and massage them, then her calves. Take an hour to do this right, if ya feel like it. You will find she will bond well with your touch.

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She will want you often, and you will like taking your time to keep her kissed. Those kisses will be returned at least one for one, and she will be having you, alone, on her mind. I like her sated, sexually, all the time. Heck, guys, you eat three meals a day, is it different with sex? Gemini, treated by a Taurus man seems better than other women, in bed, and around the daily chores regimen. I tried something different lately, and it is super delightul. Linger with that kiss for another little kiss. Kiss her ONLY the way she kisses you back kiss her like she kisses you, add nothing to your kiss than she gives to you.

Enjoy, add no more passion than she gives to you.

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Let her take you at her speed where ever she decides, letting her lead. She may reward you with female ejaculate at her orgasm, and full body orgasmic spasms for a couple hours. Continue till she just cannot go on any longer, then tuck her into your arms and sleep like spoons. I am a gemini man. Initial days were nice but they often have fitghts and some are big ones.


She lies n goes out partying n when caught obviously they fight. She doubts him and is possesive too. As of now, gem girl doesnt have a problem with this as they have never thot of marriage n long time relationship. She forces him to come out on parties with common frens n whenever they come they r jus sitting n staring at crowd as he wont join d dance floor n she loves to b jumping n freaking out.

She holds herself back n sit quietly with long face. In general she doesnt like him questening her or giving directions which drives her mad. The unwise is not one who does not know what the right thing is but one who does not do the right thing though he knows it. I am a Gemini and am crushing on a Taureen man. This article and the comments following give me hope!

Taurus Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

I am very talkative. Definitely more than my baby but well, when it comes to giving advices, trust me, he can really talk! Anyway, i guess end of the day, it still goes down to personal upbringings and friends they mingle with. He is outgoing, talkative, sociable and loves to mingle with people. Well, cheating was the reason that we got seperated anyway. So well, i dun really believe in all the horoscope sayings.

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Reading is fine but not believing each and every word. He is my balance. Being with him has taught me that sometimes less is better. I think Taurus men are just deep thinkers and deep lovers. In conclusion, one should know when there with the right one; by their growth as a person, as well as a couple. Whoever said Gemini and Taurus were not compatible was wrong! I know he has feelings for me. Hes not much of a talker and hard to read but that adds to the mystery. I have been intrigued from day one and he continues to keep my interests imagine that. One of the things I read was that Gems work well with Bulls because of our flexibility.

I can pretty much adapt to anything and that helps out here. We have been together almost 3 years now, and while there have been some hard times we always make it through. He has always been there for me and I will always be there for him. It is true about the jealousy.. We are two peas in a pod, this is the man i will marry. He totally has me captivated and sometimes i think i drive him crazy but he is still around so i guess that can be interpreted as a good thing! I would love to say that I love my Taurean more than myself!

Just the same way I love 2 more men in my llife my Father and my Brother. I just met him once in my life and that day was the most beautiful day for me! I really really love him! I think he has forgotten me now, but I still see him in every man I meet! He is the one whom I had always wanted! I have know that he has liked me in the beginning but it was in wrong time. I have no doubt that there is instant chemistry between us. Finally we both are single and we started to talk to each other everyday.

Bedroom Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With Gemini Woman

I grew up with both Taurus mom and sister and they keep me grounded. That is what I love about Taurus. Gem female here with Taurus boyfriend. We are very devoted to each other.

He was quite affectionate throughout the entire night, until the next morning when we were all sober. This is just like my boyfriend and I!! He is a Taurus and I am a Gemini. He is the greatest man I have ever met!

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  4. He is very stable, hummble, loyal and real. He holds me down when I get out of line or get away from myself. He is my bestfriend. I know that I am all over the place being a Gemini. I tend to go a million miles a min. I want more more more right now! I like having a Taurus man. Gemini , Gemini woman , Taurus , Taurus man. Nancy Fenn is the world's Saturn Return expert. If you are between or , you owe yourself a visit with Nancy.

    But it comes down to this: As long as the Gemini woman feels secure enough to open up to suggest ideas to her Taurus man; there should be harmony. Taurus will need a heads up and given ideas or he will just go about the same routine and feel perfectly at ease with it. She on the other hand, may be bored after awhile and need something fresh and exciting. While the sex has a capacity to be enjoyable and satisfying; it may not work out on a mental level after a while.

    Taurus needs stability and security.

    Gemini women may be a bit flirty with other men. The Taurus will not like seeing his lady love being so joy filled and enthusiastic with other men.

    Taurus Woman & Gemini Man

    Taurus men are jealous and can be possessive. Gemini is not at all jealous nor possessive. Whatever emotional issues that could occur between these two would put a damper on their sex life. If they cannot communicate and decide on some middle ground, the Gemini will feel unfulfilled and want to move on. When these two start out together, they seem to have a chemistry that is exciting for them both. He will enjoy this about her and will be stimulated. Gemini will always want her space and time.

    taurus man dating gemini woman Taurus man dating gemini woman
    taurus man dating gemini woman Taurus man dating gemini woman
    taurus man dating gemini woman Taurus man dating gemini woman
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    taurus man dating gemini woman Taurus man dating gemini woman
    taurus man dating gemini woman Taurus man dating gemini woman
    taurus man dating gemini woman Taurus man dating gemini woman
    taurus man dating gemini woman Taurus man dating gemini woman
    Taurus man dating gemini woman

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