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Raven wasn't afraid to speak her mind as the lead of the show, proving to be a strong female comedian.

But by the time Raven hit its fourth year, it had already changed Disney Channel for the better Raven succeeded because it's one of Disney's most consistently and durably funny shows. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 7 Black Lightning: Season 2 The Flash: Season 5 This Is Us: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 44 Star Trek: Season 4 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. View All Photos The 'Cosby Show' alum stars as a teen who gets glimpses ofand then tries to alterthe future in a winning series that employs a good deal of physical comedy.

Michael Poryes , Susan Sherman. Kyle Orlando Massey as Cory Baxter. Rondell Sheridan as Victor Baxter.

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Orlando Brown as Eddie Thomas. Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Daniels. Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna. Sydney Park as Sydney.

Dan Mott as The Juicer. Jordyn Colemon as Cindy. David Henrie as Larry. Frankie Ryan Manriquez as William.

That's So Raven S04E06 Hook Up My Space

Jodi Shilling as Tiffany. Meanwhile, Cory goes on a date with a girl named Brittany. At the movie he sees Cindy, his ex-girlfriend, who is also on a date with a boy.

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The date doesn't turn out all that well, and Cory finds himself wanting to get back together with Cindy. Cindy, Devon, and Teddy, all come to the door and each relationship is rekindled. Eddie, gets his driver's license , and he decides to buy a car with Raven and Chelsea. Raven and Chelsea boss Eddie around by creating a "voting" system—tilted in their favor—and even painting their beloved car pink.

After being their valet for too long, Eddie takes a drive to the countryside by himself. Sheriff Jefferson Tim Reid arrests Eddie on suspicion of being "The Pink Bandit", who is responsible for a string of recent burglaries in the area. Eddie enlists Raven's help, and she uses a disguise to assist her friend. Back at home, Stanley sells Cory cologne that he says will attract girls, but it turns out to attract dogs.

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Raven and Chelsea get into a huge fight because Raven only thinks about herself, and never listens to others. Meanwhile, Cory starts junior high school, and becomes a business partner with a bully named "The Juicer".

That's So Raven season 4 episode 6

Then at school, Raven has a vision where Cory gets juiced. So she must tell Cory at his junior high school. Raven must organize an important photo-shoot for Donna Cabonna at the Tipton Hotel in Boston, however she messes up when she lands Pistache in Italy and the models still stuck halfway around the world in Budaprogoslovakia. However things turn to worst when Raven's Secretec's alarm has the wrong time so she misses her flight back to San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Cory use Chelsea's paddleballs to get money by having her break records. They think that it will be easy, until the defending paddleball champion—Stanley—shows up.

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Raven unwittingly hosts a slumber party at her house for Sydney's new club, the local Bayside Sunshine Girls, and everything turns into a complete disaster. Meanwhile, Cory takes Eddie and Chelsea to the movies, and has to deal with their loudness. Despite Eddie and Chelsea making all the noise, it is Cory who gets kicked out of the theater for being too loud. Raven is getting very annoyed with Donna Cabonna because she wants to be a fashion designer, not a maid.

Then, Donna's ex-best friend but now arch-enemy , Lora Stelladora Kathy Najimy , moves into the office upstairs, and offers Raven a job as a fashion designer. Raven quickly finds that she has to deal with two bosses. Raven's scheme to get an exam postponed gets the new, hip young history teacher fired.

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Meanwhile, Cory auditions girls to find a new lead singer for his band, but "The Juicer" insists that he will be the new singer because he "sings like an angel". This episode—and the two episodes that follow—aired after Cory in the House had already premiered. Raven and Chelsea throw Eddie a surprise birthday party, and invite both of his divorced parents Geoffrey Owens and Rae Dawn Chong , who—Eddie suspects—will get back together.

However, Eddie quickly finds out about the party from Chelsea, of course. Although this episode is the series finale , it did not air as the last. It was aired eight months before "Where There's Smoke" and over a year after it was shot January When Raven explains her vision about Eddie's parents to him, he asks "You sure you weren't just watching The Cosby Show?

Raven suspects that Cory has started smoking when she finds a pack of cigarettes in Cory's shirt pocket which gets him in trouble, but he is really hiding them from his girlfriend, Cindy, so she does not smoke them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of That's So Raven episodes. Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved August 6, Retrieved January 10, Psychic on the Scene.

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Cory in the House Raven's Home. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 26 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine's class at the Community Center. While there, Raven must deal with mentoring an obnoxious little girl named Sydney.

Raven finds out that Sydney never knew her real parents, and eventually they grow a sisterly bond. The episode begins with Victor talking to Raven and Cory about taking responsibility in the Baxter house since Tanya is in England. Raven must choose between going with Chelsea and Eddie for a bowling tournament, or sneaking into world-famous fashion designer Donna Cabonna's Anne-Marie Johnson fashion show to show off her designs.

She chooses to go to the fashion show, and ends up "saving the night" She then becomes an intern for Donna Cabonna. In this episode, it is revealed that Raven's mother, Tanya Baxter, left to study law in England. Rondell Sheridan as Victor Baxter. But when Raven had a vision that Nicky gonna get choked by eating taffy, she saves her from it. She asks Raven how does she know this will occurs, but when she said she is a psychic, Nicky had confessed that she's playing the psychic character in a new movie and asks that if Raven would mind to be one of Nicky's pointers.

Raven would be happy to help, if means joining Nicky's circle. She acts like a psychic that talks to the dead.

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